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Personal Chef - Ludlow Food Festival

Refined Recipes, Discreet Service

My personal chef service is bespoke and takes the stress out of your day allowing you to enjoy what you do for pleasure without worrying about food and shopping.

I offer either an 'on site' service or delivery. Should you want a one off breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner or to be fully catered in your home, rented property, villa or yacht I can come up with a solution.

Every client I work with has a different preference. On that basis i speak to you personally, find out your likes and dislikes or dietary requirements, and put a suggested menu together. Depending on what we decide I can either deliver it chilled and prepared with cooking instructions or cook the meal personally.

A complete design and sourcing service

I offer a full shopping service and source food either locally or, for the more exotic, the markets in Paris.

I am aware that plans change at the last minute and factor this into my planning. Guest plans can change at any time as can the day’s events so I always work a day ahead.

I endeavour to anticipate your needs and adapt to your preferred style of cooking from paleo diet, Moroccan, fine dining, home cooking and anything else you may desire.

Everyone was enormously impressed with the quality and flavour of each and every dish and I was frankly stunned at the calm efficiency with which you seamlessly kept us fed and watered (well, wined) all night.

How we enjoyed meeting you and being entertained and fed so magnificently by you. You really were the best unexpected element of that surprise holiday... You really were the most tremendous discovery and I do NOT know how you kept your cool and kept producing feast after feast from that kitchen, or OUR kitchen... or Charles and Louisa' kitchen... or even the OUTSIDE kitchen at one point?! it will remain a wonder to me!!

Chateau Le Val Normandy
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