Frequently Asked Questions

We get many requests and asked questions about all sorts of things, here are a few of them. We hope they are of help to you.

How many do you cater for?

We can cater for an intimate dinner for 2 up to an event for 500 and anything in between.

Can you help to create a menu for us?

I have worked extensively worldwide and take pride in bringing back ideas from each different place that work. I keep my dishes current and in line with trends to give the best experience to my clients.

Do you supply crockery, cutlery, linen and glassware?

Yes we do, we have good quality equipment that can be quoted for separately. We can also arrange for different designs and colours

What is included in your quote?

Food, chefs, Front of house manager and all waiting staff. I also include the first site visit.

Do you provide furniture?

If there is not enough at the venue I can arrange for furniture which would be charged separately.

Do you do a delivery service if I don't need staff?

Yes I do, food will either come as a buffet ready to serve or, in the case of a hot meal, ready to serve or in containers with cooking instructions.

I have a food intolerance and certain preferences, can you help?

Yes I can, If you let me know in advance I can make an alternative dish for you or change one or two ingredients from the food the rest of the party are eating.

If I have other suppliers at an event that need food are you able to help?

Absolutely. I realise that others may have travelled a long distance or are going to perform and dance and may either want a clod buffet, hot meal or just a sandwich. I can provide all of these as a separate quote.

Do you just provide the catering or are you able to help with other parts of the function?

Whilst I specialise in the catering side I have worked hundreds of events and built up a network of professional suppliers who I trust and have the same work ethic as myself. I can either deal with them directly or put you in touch with them.

If I want to book how much notice do I need to give and what is the procedure?

It's always as well to book as far as possible in advance even if it is just to ‘pencil it in’ I won’t take another booking on that day until I have checked with you first. For a firm booking I require a deposit which would be a percentage of the final amount.


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