Outside Event Catering

Outside Event Catering

Anything Is Possible

For something a little different... From catering in a World War one trench with an authentic menu to Barbecueing in a tree house or cooking a whole goat in a firepit... anything is possible

It's always good to push the boundaries and use our imagination rather than try the same old thing. I can theme and event for you and have experience of cooking dishes from around the world. I continually travel to other countries to study their food and culture and can bring that to your party. No menu is set in stone but can often be cooked over one. Let's work together and have some fun creating and event that hasn’t been done yet.

I can bring resources to the event to ensure a bespoke and original function with the minimum fuss.


Our guests were blown away with our food. It was out of this world. This man knows how to make food sexy. Alison and the rest of the staff were incredible, faultless!

Harry Kirkham September 2014
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